Hi I’m Kurk!

The recipe developer, gardener, photographer, and cinematographer behind Kurk’s Kitchen. Here you will find simple and delicious recipes inspired by seasonal plant-based ingredients and the need to cater many different dietary restrictions. Weather its allergies or for health reasons, restrictions do not need to mean boring and flavorless. Lets have fun, switch out ingredients and enjoy a meal together!

My Mission

about kurk

Food is the backbone of our culture. It’s become a vital part of our every day lives, encompassing all we do. Food can remind us of long lost memories from our childhood, bring us comfort, and create new memories. The depressing side of food however is that many come to realize, due to medical and health they are no longer able to enjoy their favorite dish, or indulge in a memorable treat. I’m Helping vegan people discover amazing ways to use alternative ingredients and keep all the flavors. I will be catering to AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diverticulitis and other food allergies (nuts, fruits, nightshades, Gluten ect,.). Teaching how to cook with alternative ingredients. And lastly Focusing on making vegan dishes fun and inviting to everyone. Exposing the vegan lifestyle with positive influence. Teaching how to be vegan (supplements, nutritional needs ect,.) as opposed to blindly trying and failing with bad nutrition. 

My Vision

kurks kitchen

My Vision is to reinvent the word Vegan. Currently I feel it is a bit too abrasive and turns people away from the idea and lifestyle. Instead of forcing the morality and lifestyle, I’d love to be an open door to curiosity, inviting everyone to have fun with trying it out ans exploring what it would mean for them.

There are still so many avenues of the Vegan niche market untouched. Im so eager and excited to expand my creativity into many available avenues in this market.